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TA'OR BOX, a box system for wooden drawers

A comprehensive program for many applications

Meet various customer needs with the TA'OR BOX from Van Hoecke

Quality that creates value

TA'OR BOX means uncompromising quality and beauty, even behind furniture fronts. To the smallest detail.

A winning combination

TA'OR BOX is 100% compatible with LEGRABOX. Wherever a Blum LEGRABOX module is installed, TA'OR BOX offers new solutions in wood without having to modify the product. The front processing is also identical. The same fronts and front holders fit on the TA'OR BOX elements and are also suitable for LEGRABOX.

Dare to combine

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The special design of the sides opens up new possibilities. A pure black drawer with an interior in walnut or oak veneer with white. The Bi-Colour technique gives us endless colour combinations, allowing us to create unique drawers for unique living spaces.

Showing colour

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In collaboration with the best producers of wood materials, we have chosen contemporary finishes: real wood veneer of various common types; the classics in white, black and grey onyx; and the wood finishes in several colours. The special structure of the sides of the drawer allows for new combinations and colours of the wood, in pure white or black. Everything you need for a personal touch.