About Van Hoecke

    Customers per year

    Million euros turnover

    Pre-mounted drawers every week


Every day, our logistics centre in Sint-Niklaas handles 100 tonnes of material. We send out our goods to around 400 addresses in the Benelux every day. Our automatic warehouse management system processes 2,700 orders per day, and holds 2,000 products in stock. We serve around 9,000 customers every year.
Our vision
We strive towards creating an entity that is exceptionally strong economically, given that we intend to continue the business through the generations. We believe in leadership and in the power of financial independence. That's why we always invest our resources in the continued development and growth of the company.
Because you can't do business alone, we aim to achieve sustainable personal growth together with our employees, customers, suppliers and all our partners. We believe that in this way we can create significant well-being for all those involved with our company.

Our mission

We supply functional components for utility furniture to industry and specialist dealers. We are predominantly focused on the Benelux. We see international opportunities as a challenge. We strongly believe that each regional market has specific requirements and we therefore tailor our approach. Above all we want to consolidate our position as market leader. In addition, we aim to grow our turnover and margin. Trading is our main activity. Our manufacturing consists of pre-mounting furniture parts and is aimed at increasing our share in the finished product. We believe that customer satisfaction determines our company's success. That's why our employees are committed to satisfying customers, providing them with the best possible service and quality.
Van Hoecke operates in a robust and strong family group structure, under Atlas Holding. Our financial independence allows us to pursue an individual and innovative policy for the future. This is essential to be able to maintain our strong market position. And that is our priority. It is only after this that Van Hoecke strives for growth in terms of turnover and margin. The Benelux is therefore our mission, and the European market is a challenge.

Our business is based on 5 values

  • Enthusiasm
  • Respect
  • Conceptuality
  • decisiveness
  • Integrity

What we do

At Van Hoecke, we are distributors, manufacturers and service providers, and we work with the four brands Van Hoecke, Blum, Orgalux and TA’OR. We offer our customers a diverse range of products and solutions for cabinet interiors, and a flexible service – completely customised to their specific requirements.