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Van Hoecke

We have been a partner for the furniture industry since 1967. As a distributor of hinges, lift systems and drawer systems for the Austrian brand Blum, we have been a market leader for years. Thanks to its highly motivated management, 350 enthusiastic production and logistics employees and ongoing investments in technology and automation, the company has grown year after year, not least as a result of its positive export experience with the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and France. Since 2014, Van Hoecke has also designed its own wooden drawer system TA'OR BOX for the European market.



Blum is an Austrian company, represented in the Benelux by Van Hoecke. Blum is internationally active in the production of furniture fittings: stay lifts, hinges and drawer systems. Furniture fittings for kitchens is their speciality. At Blum, everything revolves around motion. The company's fittings solutions make opening and closing furniture an experience which heightens the comfort of motion throughout the home, but especially in the kitchen. Blum's innovations represent milestones in the furniture sector.

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With our in-house brand ORGALUX, we distribute inner dividing systems and kitchen aids. In our busy day-to-day lives, ORGALUX is designed to bring tranquillity and foster well-organised tidiness. ORGALUX offers a variety of solutions in its range to organise a home, allowing you to focus on life's more important things.

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Since 2014, we have marketed our own industrially-made wooden drawers, under the brand TA’OR. The drawer, which is manufactured in Sint-Niklaas, is a revolutionary alternative to the solid wood drawer, and is an example of how design and technology can go perfectly hand in hand. TA’OR has already received numerous international awards.

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Four brands with a unique standard

In addition to the service brand Van Hoecke we have three further brands: Blum, TA'OR and ORGALUX.

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