Out-of-the-box thinking pays off

DIY or buy? If buying gives you more time and money for the important things in life, no doubt it is the right choice. No need for storage space for components, no machines, no expensive manufacturing, no compromise on quality. This brings down the fixed costs and gives free reins to creative ideas and the art of the craft.

Supply chain

Discover how we produce and prepare our TA'OR BOX in 48 hours for transport. Endless possibilities, available from 1 piece.

  1. Top quality wooden products in 9 different colours are ready and waiting in the TA'OR BOX factory.
  2. TA'OR BOX is put together online, the dimensions and colours/colour combinations are chosen and ordered online, from as little as 1 single item.
  3. Within 48 hours, the order is manufactured and packaged in the modern TA'OR BOX factory.
  4. At the chosen delivery time, TA'OR BOX is supplied directly to the recipient.
  5. A special packaging was developed for the shipment, protecting all components.
  6. The individual TA'OR BOX components can be assembled in less than one minute. A revolutionary concept and ground-breaking processing solution.
  7. After the assembly, TA'OR BOX can be installed into the cabinet, without using any tools.
  8. Everything nice and tidy. TA'OR CUBICS and AMBIA-LINE drawer dividers create the tidiness everyone immediately likes.