The start of a new era

Plug and play. That is exactly how TA'OR BOX works. The box system is delivered in individual components. Simply unpack and assemble in less than one minute. Precision guaranteed and no tools needed. After a little bit of practice anyone can do it. My record time is 41 seconds.

An exiting combination

TA'OR BOX is 100% compatible with LEGRABOX. Wherever LEGRABOX by Blum is installed, TA'OR BOX offers appealing add-ons in wood without the need for a production switch. 

Even the front assembly is identical. The fronts and front fixing brackets that fit on any LEGRABOX will also fit on TA'OR BOX.

Flexible customisation in own workshop

To better serve our partners abroad, Van Hoecke and Robland have developed a machine that can cut manufactured wooden drawers to size on site.

TA'OR BOX can be ordered per piece, but the quantities which need to be produced are often increased to make transport, for example per full container, more efficient. Upon receipt, the furniture maker can finish the drawers to size, without too much effort. The machine is constructed in such a way that the base, back and front can be precisely adjusted to within a millimetre. Watch the film about the operation of the machine here!